Overview of Landrieu Record

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Senator Mary Landrieu:
100% Pro-Abortion Record Since Re-Election.
Too Extreme For Louisiana.

Senator Mary Landrieu’s voting record makes it clear: she is a consistent ally of organizations lobbying for abortion-on-demand. Whether it is voting for the funding of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, or voting against attempts to remove abortion subsidies from Obamacare, Mary Landrieu’s votes have hurt common-sense protections on human life. Louisiana, a pro-life state, deserves better than a 100% pro-abortion senator.

Pro-Life & Pro-Abortion Groups Agree:
Since Re-Election in 2008: 100% Pro-Abortion Votes

Since Louisiana re-elected Senator Landrieu in 2008, official scorecards from both pro-life and pro-choice groups show that Mary Landrieu’s votes have been 100% pro-abortion. Instead of voting with the majority of Louisiana, she consistently sides with organizations, such as NARAL and Planned Parenthood, that lobby for abortion-on-demand.

RecordChart-SinceReelection-2When polling shows that at least 58% of Louisianians are pro-life, Senator Landrieu departs from our pro-life values with her 0% pro-life record. She is too extreme for Louisiana, and these last six years have shown that more than ever.

National Right to Life, in their Congressional Scorecard, shows that since her re-election in 2008, Senator Landrieu voted against life on all 14 votes she cast that were scored by National Right to Life.

Since 1997: A Record For Abortion and Against Life

Since 1997, Senator Landrieu has cast only 17 out of 62 votes pro-life in the U.S. Senate based on the National Right to Life Congressional Voting Record, giving her only a 27% pro-life voting record.

Abortion Subsidies in Obamacare?
Landrieu Voted For Them.

In addition to voting for Obamacare that rations health care, Senator Landrieu voted against an amendment that would have prevented tax subsidies for health plans that cover abortion-on-demand under Obamacare.

Fund Abortion Providers with Tax Dollars?
Landrieu Voted For It.

Landrieu voted to give tax dollars to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider. In 2011, Planned Parenthood received hundreds of millions in tax dollars, the same year they performed 333,964 abortions. Now, Planned Parenthood plans to build an abortion center in New Orleans, and is looking to expand in Baton Rouge.

HHS Mandate Violating Religious Liberty?
Landrieu Voted For It.

Senator Landrieu voted to kill the Blunt Amendment, an amendment that would have prevented the HHS Mandate from compelling groups, including religious schools and hospitals, to provide health coverage for drugs and procedures that violate their religious or moral convictions. The HHS Mandate is based on a provision found in the Obamacare law.

Parental Notice For Abortion Across State Lines?
Landrieu Has Been Inconsistent.

In March of 2013, Senator Landrieu even voted negatively regarding a bill, called the “Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act,” to require an abortionist to notify a parent before performing an abortion on a minor girl who lives in a different state — even though Landrieu voted in favor of the same bill in 2006, before her re-election. Why would Senator Landrieu change her mind on such a basic concept as the right of a parent to be notified before an abortion is performed on a minor daughter in some other state?

Landrieu Not Co-Sponsoring Late Abortion Ban

After the U.S. House passed the landmark legislation protecting unborn babies that feel pain at 20 weeks (the beginning of the SIXTH month of pregnancy), Senator Landrieu has not co-sponsored or expressed her support for the Senate version of the legislation, S. 1670. Even though the majority of Louisianians oppose late abortion, and similar legislation was passed overwhelmingly by the Louisiana legislature in a bi-partisan fashion, Senator Landrieu refuses to take a stand for this common-sense legislation. Louisiana should not have a U.S. senator that does not support legislation prohibiting late abortions after 20 weeks.


Follow this link to find a detailed overview of all of Senator Mary Landrieu’s votes since 1997 as scored by the National Right to Life Committee (click on the “Votes” tab to the right, and then to see all votes since 1997, click “See More Votes” at the bottom).

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